Event Relabeling

Some observer computation algorithms in this plug-in require the relabeling of events. This is tracked by a set-valued relabling map of faudes-type EventRelabelMap. The map can be applied by the corresponding function InsertRelabeledEvents.


Map from indices to sets of indexes for re-labeling events.

An EventRelabelMap is a map from indicies to sets of indicies. The observer plug-in uses this may to pass on re-labeling from one generator to another via the faudes function InsertRelabeledEvents. There is no further user access to this data type.


Apply relabeling map to specified generator.


InsertRelabeledEvents(+InOut+ System GPlant, +In+ EventRelabelMap Map)

InsertRelabeledEvents(+InOut+ System GPlant, +In+ EventRelabelMap Map, +Out+ EventSet SigmaNew)

Detailed description:

This function inserts new events and respective transitions given by a relabeling map into a given generator. The function is used to adjust plant components to the relabeling from another plant component. Optionally, the newly inserted events are accumulated in the third parameter.

Parameter Conditions:

There are no restrictions on the parameter values.

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