The discrete event systems library libFAUDES implements data structures and algorithms for finite automata and regular languages. The library takes a control theoretic perspective as originally introduced by P.J. Ramadge and W.M. Wonham in the 1980's. Since then, many researchers have contributed to supervisory control theory, including extensions for hierarchical, modular and decentralized controller synthesis; see [references]. With libFAUDES, we aim for (a) reduced coding effort in the implementation of methods for the control of discrete event systems, and (b) effective advertisement of such methods by making them available to the public.

G E T T I N G     S T A R T E D

Utilize libFAUDES from the GUI DESTool,

within Lua Scripts or from the interactive Lua-Console



Building on research results as referenced, the core library is continuously developed at the Lehrstuhl für Regelungstechnik (LRT) of the University Erlangen-Nürnberg. The first functional version was designed and coded by Bernd Opitz as a masters project [thesis], and since then was extended by numerous plug-ins, including external contributions.

As of Januar 2023, the following people have contributed to the development of the core library and its plug-ins:

Ramon Barakat, Ruediger Berndt, Christian Breindl, Christine Baier, Tobias Barthel, Christoph Doerr, Marc Duevel, Norman Franchi, Stefan Goetz, Rainer Hartmann, Jochen Hellenschmidt, Stefan Jacobi, Matthias Leinfelder, Tomas Masopust, Michael Meyer, Andreas Mohr, Thomas Moor, Mihai Musunoi, Bernd Opitz, Katja Pelaic, Irmgard Petzoldt, Sebastian Perk, Thomas Rempel, Daniel Ritter, Berno Schlein, Ece Schmidt, Klaus Schmidt, Anne-Kathrin Schmuck, Sven Schneider, Matthias Singer, Yiheng Tang, Ulas Turan, Christian Wamser, Zhengying Wang, Thomas Wittmann, Shi Xiaoxun, Yang Yi, Jorgos Zaddach, Hao Zhou, Christian Zwick, et al

We are committed to extend and improve libFAUDES. External contributions are highly welcome, for contact write to Thomas Moor.

Copyright (C) 2006 Bernd Opitz
Copyright (C) 2008 - 2010 Thomas Moor, Klaus Schmidt, Sebastian Perk
Copyright (C) 2011 - 2024 Thomas Moor, Klaus Schmidt


15.02.2023 libFAUDES 2.32a source code via GitHub
01.02.2023 libFAUDES 2.31c Python bindings
18.05.2021 libFAUDES 2.30a improvements in compositional verification
15.12.2017 libFAUDES 2.29a incl. hybrid automata plug-in (optional, requires PPL)
01.03.2016 libFAUDES 2.27a incl. compositional verification/synthesis
15.05.2015 libFAUDES 2.26a updated Coordination Control plug-in
19.09.2014 libFAUDES 2.25a online luafaudes console
03.04.2014  libFAUDES 2.24a  optimisation/validation for 64-bit environments
23.12.2013 libFAUDES 2.23c Fault-Tolerant Control lua-extension
17.12.2013 libFAUDES 2.23a Pushdown plug-in for context free specification languages
06.02.2012 libFAUDES 2.21e updated Coordination Control plug-in and D3RIP interface
01.12.2011 libFAUDES 2.21a Modbus/TCP IoDevice
01.04.2011 libFAUDES 2.20a Lua-Extensions
15.12.2010 libFAUDES 2.18a IoSystem plug-in
15.08.2010 libFAUDES 2.16a application "Flexible Manufacturing System" presented at WODES 2010
15.02.2010 libFAUDES 2.14m 2nd DESTool preview
15.11.2009 libFAUDES 2.14e IoDevice and Diagnosis plug-ins
01.06.2009 libFAUDES 2.13a luabindings, HioSys and Multitasking plug-ins
10.11.2008 libFAUDES 2.11v Timed and Simulator plug-ins
15.05.2008 libFAUDES 2.09b Observer plug-in
01.05.2008 libFAUDES 2.09a used for WODES 2008 benchmark
01.05.2006 libFAUDES 1.00 first public release with Bernd Opitz' Thesis

libFAUDES 2.32b --- 2024.03.01 --- with "synthesis-observer-observability-diagnosis-hiosys-iosystem-multitasking-coordinationcontrol-timed-simulator-iodevice-luabindings-hybrid-example-pybindings"