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The data-type HioController is a Generator that is suited to model the I/O-system I/O controller. An I/O controller S_CP = (Sigma_CP,L_CP) describes a mechanism that assists an operator in manipulating the environment through the controlled process according to a given specification. Hence, the I/O controller is a discrete event system with two I/O ports: a plant-I/O port to interact with an operator while accepting all operator commands and a controller-I/O port to interact with the plant while accepting all plant outputs. The event sets are denoted Uc and Yc for operator interaction and Up and Yp for plant interaction. Thus, the overall alphabet is composed as disjoint union Sigma = UcYcUpYp.

I/O controller: Definition

An I/O controller is a tuple S_CP = (U_C,Y_C,U_P,Y_P,L_CP), where

  • Sigma_CP is an alphabet with Sigma_CP := Sigma_CSigma_P,

  • L_CP is a language over Sigma_CP,

  • (U_C,Y_C) and (U_P,Y_P) are a plant- and a controller-I/O port of S_CP, respectively,

  • L_CP  Closure((Y_PU_P+Y_PY_CU_CU_P)*), and

  • L_CP is a complete language (see IsComplete).

The 4th item avoids loops of the sort (Y_CU_C)*, i.e. forbids operator commands without effect on the plant being controlled. The last item forces the I/O controller to respond to plant output or operator input.
By the function IsHioControllerForm, an HioController generator can be tested for compatibility with the above definition.

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