Detailed Description

List of all plug-ins that are installed and enabled in this copy of libFAUDES.

To install a plug-in, copy its sources into the plug directory of the libfaudes source tree. To enable a plug-in, either edit the main Makefile or add its name to the FAUDES_PLUGINS environment variable. The example plug-in further illustrates the plug-in infrastructure.

For instructions on how to compile libFAUDES, see the build-system documentation.


 Synthesis Plug-In
 Observer PlugIn
 Observability Plug-In
 Fault Diagnosis Plug-In
 Hierarchical I/O Systems PlugIn
 I/O System PlugIn
 Multitasking PlugIn
 CoordinationControl Plug-In
 Timed Automata PlugIn
 Simulator PlugIn
 I/O Device PlugIn
 Lua Bindings PlugIn
 Hybrid Systems PlugIn
 Example PlugIn
 Python Bindings PlugIn

libFAUDES 2.32b --- 2024.03.01 --- c++ api documentaion by doxygen