I/O Device PlugIn

Detailed Description

This plug-in maps logical faudes events to physical events. The latter are to be executed on and sensed by specific hard- or software. Individual device classes must be explicitely enabled in Makefile.plugin. The above list shows devices available in this build of libFAUDES.

Note: this plug-in is in an early stage of development, some design issues are not yet resolved.

Note: In contrast to the libFAUDES core, the iodevice plug-in not meant to be platform independant. It has been developed for Linux and thus freely uses POSIX threads, BSD sockets, the comedi framework and real-time kernel extensions. This being said, a simple platform abstraction layer adapts relevant system calls for Windows and, thus, provides the Modbus device and the Simplenet device.


This plug-in is distributed with libFAUDES and under the terms of the LGPL. However, some devices may require separate installation of non-open source code to compile.

Copyright (c) 2008, Thomas Moor.
Copyright (c) 2009, Thomas Moor, Thomas Wittmann.
Copyright (c) 2010-2013, Thomas Moor.


class  faudes::mbDevice
 Processimage synchronisation via Modbus/TCP. More...
class  faudes::sDevice
 An sDevice implements signal based semantics for faudes events. More...
class  faudes::nDevice
 An nDevice implements networked IO via a simple TCP/IP protocol. More...
class  faudes::vDevice
 Virtual base class to define the interface for event io. More...
class  faudes::xDevice
 Container of devices. More...

libFAUDES 2.31f --- 2023.02.02 --- c++ api documentaion by doxygen