libFAUDES User Reference

The user reference provides libFAUDES documentation on faudes-types and faudes-functions relevant to users of libFAUDES based applicatione like e.g. luafaudes or DESTool. The user reference is complemented by the comprehensive and more technical C++ API documentation.

A good starting point for a first reading is Section CoreFaudes, which documents general purpose functions on generators, e.g. regular expressions. The remaining sections loosely correspond to libFAUDES plug-ins and lua-extensions, which provide specialised faudes-types and faudes-functions to address specific approaches to the design or analysis of discrete event systems.

The user reference is organized as follows:

CoreFaudes General purpose functions and data types for automata and formal languages, including boolean operations, regular expresions, natural projection, synchronous composition, etc.
CoordinationControl Functions relevant for coordination control synthesis, including the supremal conditionally controllable sublanguage of a prefix closed candidate language.
Diagnosis Event-based and languages-based failure diagnosis, including modular and decentralized control architectures.
FaultTolerantControl Functions related to fault-accommodating control and fault-hiding control reconfiguration, including construction procedures for fault-accommodating models of sensors and actuators.
HioSys Data-types for the representation of hierarchical systems with inputs and outputs, and functions for the synthesis and verification of such systems.
IoSystem Functions for an abstraction based controller design for plants with inputs and outputs referring to an infinite time-axis (omega-languages).
Multitasking Data-types and functions to address colored marking generators, including algorithms for synchronous composition, controller synthesis and observer design.
Observer Functions for the synthesis and for the verification of the natural observer property and variations thereof, addressing the design of hierarchical and modular control architectures.
Simulator Interactive or automatic execution of compound discrete-event systems modelled by automata, including hardware-in-the-loop simulation and networked decentralized control architectures.
Synthesis Functions to synthesise and/or to verify properties relevant for controller design, including controllability, normality, relative closedness, completeness and variants of omega-controllability.

libFAUDES 2.32b --- 2024.03.08 --- with "synthesis-observer-diagnosis-iosystem-hiosys-multitasking-coordinationcontrol-timed-iodevice-simulator-luabindings"