Operands and results of libFAUDES operations are fetched from or stored in DESTool Variables. You can access DESTool variables via the variables tab from the project browser. To introduce a new variable, use New Variable from the File menu, or press Shift+Return within the variable list.

Each individual variable is identified by a unique name and has the following configuration properties attached.

The default configuration is Persistent + Visual Representation. To display the value of a variable, use the context-menu in the variable list.

System Variables

Windows that represent variables of type System are vertically split in three regions, one for a graphical representation, one for list representation, and one to display attributes of events, states and transitions. You may toggle between the different representations via the Windows menu.

Various editing facilities are provided via context-menus and should be fairly intuitive. We give some hints on less obvious aspects of the user interface.

Alphabet Variables

Alphabets have a list representation only. Attributes of events can be accessed via the context-menu or via the properties section.

Advanced Topic: Accessing Variables in the Console-Window

DESTool provides an error console to report all sorts warnings and errors. You can open the console via the Windows menu. The console runs a luafaudes-interpreter and provides access to DESTool variables in the Lua-field workspace. Example:

luafaudes console
> mach=workspace.Machine()    -- have a copy of the variable "Machine" in mach
> print(mach:IsTrim())        -- test "Machine" to be trim
> mach:Trim()                 -- make the copy of "Machine" trim
> workspace.Machine(mach)     -- write result back to DESTool

Note: in the current implementation, you can only access variables with names that are valid Lua identifiers.

For more information on luafaudes, see the online documentation.

libFAUDES 2.32b --- 2024.03.08 --- with "synthesis-observer-diagnosis-iosystem-hiosys-multitasking-coordinationcontrol-timed-iodevice-simulator-luabindings"