Simulation Event Attributes

Detailed Description

Attributes to define stochastic and priority properties.

Attribute for an event in the context of simulation. When simulating one or more generators, at each instance of time there will be one or more transitions enabled. In order resolve this non-determinism in a defined way, each event may be equipped with either one of the following properties.

Note that the SimEventAttribute just holds the data to define the properties, a semantic implementation is in faudes::ProposingExecutor. The current implementation also stores simulation state data (ie evaluations of random variables), but this is likely to change in a future revision.

As a faudes attribute, SimEventAttribute provides token io and is prepared for the use in the context of a faudes container. The file format of a set of events equipped with simulation attributes is illustrated by the below example for the simulation of a simple machine:

% machine start: prioritised event with priority 100
<Priority> 100 </Priority>
% machine finsh: gauss distributed event with mue=10 and sigma=5, relative to guard
<Stochastic> +Trigger+ +Gauss+ <Parameter> 10 5 </Parameter> </Stochastic>
% break down: gauss distributed event with mue=20 and sigma=5, relative to enabled time
<Stochastic> +Delay+ +Gauss+ <Parameter> 20 5 </Parameter> </Stochastic>
% machine repair: prioritised event with priority 100
<Priority> 100 </Priority>


class  faudes::SimPriorityEventAttribute
 Defining data to prioritise events. More...
class  faudes::SimStochasticEventAttribute
 Defining data of stochastic behaviour. More...
class  faudes::SimEventAttribute
 Attribute for an event in the context of simulation. More...


typedef TaNameSet< SimEventAttributefaudes::sEventSet
 Typedef for events with simulation attributes. More...

Typedef Documentation

◆ sEventSet

Typedef for events with simulation attributes.

Definition at line 347 of file sp_simeventset.h.

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