cfl_platform.cpp File Reference

Platform dependant wrappers. More...

#include "cfl_definitions.h"
#include "cfl_platform.h"
#include <signal.h>
#include <exception>
#include <ostream>

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void faudes_invalid (const std::string &msg)
void faudes_termsignal (void(*sighandler)(int))
const char * faudes_strsignal (int sig)
void faudes_diffsystime (const faudes_systime_t &end, const faudes_systime_t &begin, faudes_systime_t *res)
void faudes_diffsystime (const faudes_systime_t &end, const faudes_systime_t &begin, faudes_mstime_t *res)
void faudes_sumsystime (const faudes_systime_t &begin, const faudes_systime_t &duration, faudes_systime_t *res)
void faudes_msdelay (faudes_mstime_t msecs, faudes_systime_t *end)
void faudes_usdelay (faudes_mstime_t usecs, faudes_systime_t *end)
int faudes_getsocket_error (int fd)
int faudes_setsocket_nonblocking (int fd, bool noblo)


const std::string faudes_pathseps_str = "/"
const std::string faudes_pathsep_str = "/"
faudes_systime_t gPerfTimer1

Detailed Description

Platform dependant wrappers.

Definition in file cfl_platform.cpp.

Function Documentation

◆ faudes_diffsystime() [1/2]

void faudes_diffsystime ( const faudes_systime_t &  end,
const faudes_systime_t &  begin,
faudes_mstime_t *  res 

Definition at line 124 of file cfl_platform.cpp.

◆ faudes_diffsystime() [2/2]

void faudes_diffsystime ( const faudes_systime_t &  end,
const faudes_systime_t &  begin,
faudes_systime_t *  res 

Definition at line 114 of file cfl_platform.cpp.

◆ faudes_getsocket_error()

int faudes_getsocket_error ( int  fd)

Definition at line 167 of file cfl_platform.cpp.

◆ faudes_invalid()

void faudes_invalid ( const std::string &  msg)

Definition at line 34 of file cfl_platform.cpp.

◆ faudes_msdelay()

void faudes_msdelay ( faudes_mstime_t  msecs,
faudes_systime_t *  end 

Definition at line 140 of file cfl_platform.cpp.

◆ faudes_setsocket_nonblocking()

int faudes_setsocket_nonblocking ( int  fd,
bool  noblo 

Definition at line 185 of file cfl_platform.cpp.

◆ faudes_strsignal()

const char* faudes_strsignal ( int  sig)

Definition at line 77 of file cfl_platform.cpp.

◆ faudes_sumsystime()

void faudes_sumsystime ( const faudes_systime_t &  begin,
const faudes_systime_t &  duration,
faudes_systime_t *  res 

Definition at line 130 of file cfl_platform.cpp.

◆ faudes_termsignal()

void faudes_termsignal ( void(*)(int)  sighandler)

Definition at line 58 of file cfl_platform.cpp.

◆ faudes_usdelay()

void faudes_usdelay ( faudes_mstime_t  usecs,
faudes_systime_t *  end 

Definition at line 150 of file cfl_platform.cpp.

Variable Documentation

◆ faudes_pathsep_str

const std::string faudes_pathsep_str = "/"

Definition at line 53 of file cfl_platform.cpp.

◆ faudes_pathseps_str

const std::string faudes_pathseps_str = "/"

Definition at line 52 of file cfl_platform.cpp.

◆ gPerfTimer1

faudes_systime_t gPerfTimer1

Definition at line 90 of file cfl_platform.cpp.

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